Classic Mouldings

Plaster Products

Classic Mouldings products are made from natural resources – gypsum (plaster) and water. Our proprietary process ensures the best quality and allows us to achieve varying hardness for differing durability needs. Our products are non-hazardous and non-combustible.

Finished Classic Mouldings products can be painted to resemble any desired material. For example, a ceiling panel could be painted as woodgrain with antique burl panels within mahogany frames, and ebonized and gilt trim.

Our products can also be manufactured as single casts which otherwise would require multiple wooden mouldings. A large single-cast ceiling beam, for instance, eliminates the unsightly shrinkage or expansion-joint cracking that can occur with multiple wood mouldings. Extensive steel or wood framing can be eliminated by using engineered pre-cast hung panels with overlapping joints for rigidity and strength. Conventional support framing is eliminated through material formulation and design.

Columns & Pilasters

Classic Mouldings Inc. columns are made from hard gypsum cement. Engineered for stand-alone decorative use, they come in five classical patterns: Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite. Custom designs are also available.

Each column consists of a capital, a plain or fluted pilaster and a base, and can be purchased complete or as separate components. Columns can be split to house load-bearing pillars.

Cornices & Friezes

Classic Mouldings Inc. offers one of the largest collections available: architectural cornices, cove cornices, ornate cornices, plus frieze mouldings in traditional, contemporary or custom design to personalize any room. Curved walls are our specialty.

Ceiling Centres & Rings

Classic Mouldings decorative ceiling medallions may be used to frame light fixtures or filled with a rosette to centre a room. Rings can be used as stand-alone ceiling centres or added outside of smaller centres to create a larger feature.

Brackets, Sconces, Chair Rails, Casings & Overdoors

Corbels (Brackets) — Classic Mouldings Corbels can used in a classical manner to simulate beam support or creatively for artistic effect. Plaster Corbels may not be used for actual support.

Sconces — Plaster sconces are ornamental wall brackets used for concealing light bulbs. The bulb fixture itself should not be supported by the sconce.

Chair Rails — Classic Mouldings chair rails are made of dense gypsum cement to provide a more resilient surface for protecting walls from the damage of chair backs.

Casings — Whether framing a door, window or similar opening, Classic Mouldings casings are available in plain or ornate and can be scaled proportionately for aesthetic perfection.

Overdoors — Classic Mouldings overdoors are available in a vast range of bas-relief and decorative designs for ornamental treatments above doors and room openings.

Panel Mouldings

Panel mouldings are used to frame areas of a wall or ceiling. They may protrude from the surface or sit flush when framing a recessed area. Each Classic Mouldings design can be supplied in a custom radius subject only to manufacturing restraints. Complimentary corner and mid‐panel designs are also available, some of these designs can be manufactured with a different panel moulding design.

Domes & Ceiling Tiles

Domes — Classic Mouldings can manufacture custom sizes and shapes in addition to the extensive collection shown in our catalogue. All domes can take a plain or ornate light cove, mounted on the ceiling after installation of the dome. Profiles area available for rope or fluorescent lighting. If trim moulding is preferred to a light cove, any of the designs shown in our catalogue and many of the Panel Mouldings can be used.

Ceiling Tiles — Classic Mouldings make tiles that can be applied directly to plastered ceilings and others that can be applied to framing or other suitable systems.

Classic Mouldings Inc. mantels are made from a combination of gypsum cement, glass fibre and burlap. Their natural white surface can be finished as desired once installed. Classic Mouldings mantels meet zero-smoke and zero-flame standards. Custom designs are available.  more

Niches & Grilles

Niches — Classic Mouldings niches can be supplied with or without the casing designs shown. Optional designs can be seen in volume VI of the company catalogue.

Grilles — Decorative plaster grilles can be incorporated within a cornice or frieze. They can serve as an air source or be used to conceal audio speakers in a ceiling or wall.

Rosettes, Ornaments & Other Unique Elements

Rosettes, ornaments, wreaths, swags, ribbons, keystones, and many other mouldings are readily available from Classic Mouldings Inc. for finishing touches in architectural design.