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Full installation service is available whenever required. Partial service is available for installing complex components. A generic installation instruction sheet is available on request at

Any questions or concerns regarding the installation of Classic Mouldings products will be answered promptly by calling 1.866.745.5560

Custom work

Classic Mouldings is pleased to work with architects, designers, and homeowners in addressing specific needs not met by the products in our catalogue. Whether it is an unusual cornice for a special room, a frieze from a specific period, or a variation to accommodate structural peculiarity, creative collaboration always proves rewarding.

A drawing, photograph or simply identification of a similar element in our collection – along with required changes is all that is required for visual reference. Classic Mouldings will then make recommendations regarding mechanical requirements, proportion and visual integration.


Classic Mouldings can supply individual components, engage in the entire Restoration process from initial consultation to the design, manufacture, and installation, or anything in between.

Sometimes restoration is as simple as making a new mould from an existing, damaged detail. This can be accomplished easily if the size and stability of the piece allow it to be shipped to our premises. Classic Mouldings Inc. can also create architectural detail from old drawings and photographs. In some situations, however, only a site visit can provide the information needed for satisfactory repair or accurate replication. On-site restoration is a collaborative effort between Classic Mouldings’ artisans on site and those back at the shop.

Elgin Theatre (Toronto, Canada)
Originally built in 1913

Project Management

Classic Mouldings can perform complementary management duties on your project at any step. From concept to completion, Classic Mouldings experience means cost-effective solutions. When desired, add Project Management to your quotation request.


Classic will provide a quotation for Supply Only or Supply & Install for destinations anywhere in North America. Customers may submit a material take-off or send drawings from which a take-off can be analyzed.

For supply and install quotations, information regarding ceiling heights, number of miters per room and features such as curves are required. Site location and work schedule will also help ensure meaningful numbers.

Please direct your quotation request to


Classic Mouldings can provide any sample currently in stock, charging only for shipping. A sample moulding is approximately 12 inches long.

Sample requests for a complete piece such as a medallion or bracket cannot be supplied free of charge. When purchasing, minimum quantities may apply. Please call Customer Service at 1.866.745.5560 or email your request to

As an alternative to samples, many customers now use Classic Mouldings Specification Sheets. See New Spec sheets for 3D images of specified parts.

Note: Stock mouldings are those ordered to the specifications in the Classic Mouldings catalogue. All Classic Mouldings products are cast specifically for each order and manufacturing begins when an order is placed. Classic Mouldings Inc. does not warehouse merchandise.


When requested, Classic Mouldings will present shop drawings in .pdf or .dwg format for customer review and approval after receipt of paid order and prior to manufacturing.

While .dwg drawings are not currently available for all standard designs, appearing in New Spec Sheets, a .dwg file can be requested at